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March 2010

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I didn't get home until slightly after 7AM this morning.  Went to the bar with the co-workers, got to clear the way with an old friend I've known since 1998, talk to another friend about some issues he's having, went to Denny's afterwards, everything's good.  Then I head home and get a call from Dave.  Ben is stuck on the 51 at the Glendale off-ramp and knows I live nearby but didn't have my number.  So I pull off the freeway to write down Ben's number then find my way back on after some detours and finally get there.  He had allready called a tow truck company which gave him no ETA, so we decide to play around with the car for a while.  Neither of us are mechanics, we're computer techs.  Obviously it goes nowhere and we fix nothing, but we reseated everything we could inside that engine compartment that didn't require any tools :)  Once the sun came up we got to sit in the car all morning until finally a tow truck showed up around 6, we escorted it to a bank so Ben could get cash then escorted it to a repair place, then I drove ben home.  Tried to call Dave this morning so I could possibly come in late but didn't hear from him so I showed up to work on time anyways.

In other issues, we're still contemplating taking on a temporary roomate with some issues of his own and some complicated dynamics within the household.  Weird.  Complicated.  Everyone we know is telling us no for a whole variety of reasons ranging from personal hatred of the man to possible complications about the man's personal issues (and exposing them to our son) and finally, what about the relationship impact of this?  He seems to be a pretty unpopular person who's actually being kicked out of his home for being described as a jobless drunken bum.  I want to do the right thing for someone I've known for a long time, however I don't want that to be the wrong thing for every other aspect of my life.  On one hand I've got this enthusiasm about the unknown lately and am very curious to see where this is going, meanings, stories etc, but I don't want my son to be a victim of my screwed up new ideology.


Well, you could always ask my children's opinion of him, but I doubt it differs and suspect it may even be worse than mine.