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March 2010

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...time for cake and sodomy...

I got to pull a crazed meth-addict off fo my wife Saturday.  How did your weekend go?  Don't worry, I wasn't on the bad side of this cop encounter.  While out of town, my wife and I went to go see a movie in Pinetop, then we stopped into a Safeway on our way back to Heber to get some Starbucks inside.  On our way through the parking lot, this black Bronco almost ran us over in the parking lot and my wife said "watch where you're going", the lady responded something and called her "fattie".  Anyways, we went inside, got our coffee, didn't think anything of it.  After we got our drinks we continued on into the store and here the lady comes toting a bag of ice and a shopping bag and said "you need to learn some manners little girl".  We ignored her, and then she clocked Brandy with a bag of f*n ice!  They immediately locked on to each other, Brandy smashed her drink into the side of the woman's face.  Brandy was trying to rip her nappy hair out, she was clawing the back of Brandy's neck and wailing on her face.  I came up from behind and simultaneously put her into a headlock and pinned her left arm back.  A bystander pulled Brandy away and I pushed my knee into the back of hers bringing her to the ground softly.  After about a minute I tightened my grip and asked her if she's going to do anything further if I released her.  The headlock was of the "sleeper hold" variety so she nodded yes and was quite cooperative, probably because she was about a minute from going nighty night.  I let her go and she stumbled out of the store.  I wasn't worried about restraining her til the cops arrived because for one, I don't have the right  to detain someone and two, this all happened in front of several dozen witnesses and it's a small town.  The cops were able to get all the info they need about the lady from the witnesses (30+) and the Show-Low PD as well as the Navajo County Sherrif's department is on the lookout for the vehicle (as well as the woman).

Who the hell does that?  I still can't believe it all happened.  Brandy's got some minor bruising on her face and the back of her head and some scratches on the back of her neck from Ms. Meth's nails.  No concussion.  I just got some claw marks on my arm where the crazy b*ch broke the skin (which I promptly disinfected).  Unfortunately, she probably doesn't have a mark on her.  I restrained myself from doing a LOT more to this woman, luckily my kid wasn't there.  When the police catch her she's going down for assault, battery, and disorderly conduct.  What's amazing to me, though, is that everyone in the store just stood there except for that one woman who took Brandy away from the scene.  She also managed to get the phone number of the "for sale" sign on the back of the bronco and call 911, all before the series of events finished.  Everyone else just watched it all play out.


I agree with you....seriously, who the hell does that? lol

As for your last comments, mob mentality. That's why if someone gets hurt they teach you in CPR to point to a specific person and say "YOU, get help". We're sheep.
As for your last comments, mob mentality.

I wonder if it has more to do with a fear of getting sued or getting charged themselves for "being involved". Years ago I stopped to help an officer that got her cruiser stuck in a snow bank. I was "thanked" by receiving a citation for every little thing wrong she could find on my truck. I can very easily see someone getting charged for battery when they try to break up a fight these days. While we have good samaritan laws that protect against accidental injury in such cases, it doesn't take much lawyering to twist it into a case of negligence. Even if the case gets thrown out, you could still be on the hook for thousands of legal fees.

So yeah...given the current state of society, I can totally understand people not wanting to be anywhere near a situation like this.
I can't really see a meth-addict having the money to drum up a lawyer as such, but I see your point. Personally, if I happened to walk by in the middle of a fight, I would not step in and try to break it up. For all I know, one of them could deserve a good beat down, assuming they are both evenly matched with no weapons and such. That's just me. It would be different if one of them was asking for help, or if one of them was being tortured or battered to death. These are good times we live in.