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March 2010

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Updates, updates, updates

So, after two weeks of school I'm almosted completed with module 2 of 8.  Plenty of delays.  I was ahead of the game, now I'm just par after spending two days Sick in Quarters (SIQ) with some horrible upper respiratory infection making its rounds through the base.  We actually had a snow day, in the military!  Once I complete module two I'll be done with this horror that is night school, and I'll be able to move out of the USS Enterprise and back to the USS Essex.  I'll finish labs tonight (fun) and then take my test Monday, or at least that's the plan.  When I get back to the Essex I finally get my own internet connection.  Horray!

Brandy and Scott will be here in four days, and I want to be done with night school by then because I just got phase III liberty granted today!  That means overnight liberty and no more liberty musters.  Not that many people actually make phase III, I don't know why, all thats required is to do what you're supposed to.  No more rushing to get back from the bar on the weekends to make it in before 2145 or 2345.  I can stay til close :)

I may also be able to complete an associate's degree before I leave here entirely through CLEP tests.  Now *that* is exciting.

My laptop is proudly (and nicely) running Ubuntu now, too.  Not completely, but I got the multi-boot going on.  Everyone around here asks me WTF is wrong with my windows.  Oh, for my fellow geeks, the HP dv6780se at Best Buy is a phenominal purchase for $999.  1.67 Intel Duo, 3GB, 250GB, 8xDLDVDRW, and the best part of all, 256MB nv 8400GS.  No bluetooth though and the spare internal minipci slot is blanked out so you wont be able to add the internal.  That's the only drawback I've found though.  Very unique coloring.

Finally the biggest news of all, my wife and I are taking guardianship of a wonderful 14-year old with a tough past to join in this blue and gold adventure.  Welcome to the family, Sarah.


congratulations on all of it. sounds like things are going well :)

take care of yourself out there.