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March 2010

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Is it just me or is anyone else getting this vibe?

I've been thinking all morning about the topic of this chaotic year and the concept of "green" as  _paegan_presented it to me in 1999.  I don't know of anyone that I'm acquainted with on a personal level that hasn't had some kind of cataclysm this year.  It starts out like a series of dramatic, important events and gradually culminates into a picture with a much more significant meaning than any of the events themselves, catalyzing significant changes in people's lives and relationships.  It's like a chain reaction but with unrelated happenings, but yet everyone knows each other in some way or another and these particles keep crossing paths.  The events themselves are not directly connected, but the people are.  It seems that for a small cluster of people this year everything is being questioned, overturned, challenged, redefined, analyzed, or simply razed.  Some people's stories are merging or forming new connections, other stories are almost identical.  Everyone's "reconnecting with themselves" or returning to old ways, reuniting with old friends, revitalizing their lives, seriously redefining their goals, or having them redefined by others... from the posts of the few people on my short friends list, it is most definately not just me.

I'm trying to figure out what it is about this year.  If I were to go back to the past and explain to myself what was coming, I'd laugh in my own face.  Where is all this going, why is any of it happening?  Is the purpose of this year to challenge everything that has come to pass in the last 5 or so?

...or perhaps I missed the boat on this and now everyone thinks I'm out of my mind :)



It's just easier to go with "2+0+0+7=9", and return your energy to getting through this time. You can get lost if your will is misdirected by wondering HOW all these non-coincidences came together.

I have lost the ability to see coincidence as the Universe keeps shoving TOO MANY related things to me at once. However, my instincts are A LOT more reliable than they've ever been and I seem to be picking up the clues and emerging from each (transformation?) quicker and less dis-orientated than ever, also.

It's not easy being Green

I knew I wasn't wasting my time when I told you about that.

It's easier to skate if you don't doubt yourself.