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March 2010

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I'm still drunk from last night.  I sincerely wish I could afford to go home early, it's being offered.  Dreamlessvision had her first date last night, then ended up with someone different coming home.  I had some mixed feelings about the date, but I drank them all away.  Last night is all a blur but it's coming into focus, I finally remember getting laid.  This weekend has been kind of neat.  Thursday I got to see an old friend _paegan_, picked her up and took her to Brewski's in Tempe for the thursday night thing with my co-workers.  Of course everyone thought the obvious - incorrectly, however she suddenly became very popular once we announced that we're not on a date.  My co-workers all want her to come back :)  Friday I finally got to go to Trans, it was neat.  The giant dance floor reminds me of the Nile.
Mid-post I just found out I get holiday pay for tomorrow, so I'm going to get out of here ASAP.  Waste of gas and a ton of money, but I just don't want to be here.  I need to take a dump.  I want to pop some pain killers with my wife and lounge around the house watching TV and movies and have fun.  I want to play with Scotty.  I want to play WoW.  Just waiting on the email so I can leave...

Wow, and I just found out I get an hour lunch and am 3PM-midnight instead of 3:30 with a 1/2 hour lunch!


I assume you're referring to everyone thinking she was a lesbian, perhaps because she said point blank "would you have guessed that I was a lesbian had I not said anything?" :-P