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March 2010

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This Week

Isn't off to a great start either.  My brakes are totally completely trashed, sounds like I'm running a machine shop behind my wheels when I stop, this is going to be very expensive.  Woke up three minutes before my scheduled start time today.  Called in late.  Then got stuck in some goddamn traffic that took me to 40 minutes to get from 40th St. to 46th St.  40 minutes for 4/5ths of a mile.  Seriously.  Then I got to work and found out they re-fucked my schedule back to a 30-minute lunch so if it hadn't been for the traffic, I would have gotten to work on time anyways.  I still have yet to get written up for my attendance issues last/this week.

I'm going to do things differently this week.  No bars with co-workers Tuesday and Thursday.  No plans for the weekend but I might go out anyways for just one night.  I'm going to try quitting smoking again Monday.  Laying off the caffeine.  No more leaving work early.  Because I'll be saving so much time coming home on-time instead of staying out, I'm going to get up early, i.e. plug in my alarm clock that has been dormant since March.  Guess what I'm going to do with some of my reclaimed time?  Work out.  Eat well.  Cook dinners.  Pre-prep lunches.  Play with my kid.  Enjoy my guild.  I've spent a month now focusing on myself in the most self-destructive ways possible.  I'd like to get myself back to early March when I was quitting smoking, kicking ass at work, regulating my personal schedule well and eagerly working out.


Did you know how much of a Goob I am, but then again I'm not on LJ much anymore.